What makes JPS ® Lures unique?  Well... Everything!

SplashBob and V-Max are the products of many years of exhaustive research and development.  As a testament of their unique and innovative construction, a utility patent was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office and assigned patent number 7,716-871.

Lure features include specific mouth angles, precise hook and line tie locations, a low pressure neck area, a single hook design and more; even the amount of paint and clear coat is carefully monitored to insure proper action and correct buoyancy.

Originally made of wood, SplashBob and V-Max are now constructed of durable ABS thermo-plastic. This more efficient injection molding process is the key to achieving consistent buoyancy, higher lure volumes, and a more durable paint finish. 

So, what do you get when you use a fun-to-fish JPS® SPLASHBOB® or V-MAX®? You get “confidence”... confidence in knowing that your next cast could win the tournament, satisfy that dream, or just bring a nice end to a day on the water.

Tying The Line: Tie line directly to eyelet - no swivel is needed. Use Recommended line - 8 - 10lb monofiliment (low stretch). For maximum action use 20lb test 6lb diameter Power Pro® braided line.

Knot Positioning:
The position of the knot can effect the performance of the lure. See illustration below for correct positioning.

Daiichi Bleeding Bait Red® Treble Hook

Why Use A Single #4 Treble Hook?
1. The treble hook can swing freely with out interlocking with another.
2. Because of the central location of the hook, the treble will not get hung-up on the front or back of the fishing lure.
3. It’s faster and safer for the angler to remove a single treble hook than it would be to remove two or three from the fish’s mouth.
4. This high grade #4 treble hook is larger and stronger than the typical smaller, more inexpensive hooks found on similar size baits.
5. Single hook = Less damage to the fish’s mouth.


Larger hook = Deeper hook-sets & peace of mind.

JPS® Lures are

proudly made in the USA.

JPS® Lures are sold in tackle shops and sporting good stores throughout the United States.
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